Are you in Milan? Looking for a top restaurant Milan live music ? If your idea is spending a  pleasant evening in a historic local in Milan enjoying some great recipes and listening to good music, the top restaurant Milan live music Cinema Theatre Trieste is the best choice for you. The restaurant Cinema Theatre Trieste  has recently opened offering its customers a form of entertainment that in Italy is almost exclusive but has been already seen in two well-known local in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Watching a movie during dinner is a particular fact to Italy but not the only proposal of the local as a matter of fact the entertainment program aims to have an offer at 360 ° going to meet the different needs of customers. The Restaurant is open from seven in the morning until two in the night, offering catering services, cinema, theater, exhibition spaces, cooking classes and live music of high quality. Especially the live music during dinner will offer different kind of music, acoustic, ethnic, instrumental, jazz, blues, singer-songwriters and world music. If you are looking for a top restaurant Milan live music come to visit us at the Cinema Theatre Trieste we are confident that the unique atmosphere of the restaurant will brighten your evenings.