Are you looking for a special restaurant in Milan, where you can listen to good music? The restaurant music Milan Cinema Theatre Trieste has the right proposal for you. The restaurant music Milan Cinema Theatre Trieste is a historical location in Milan. The original space used as a cinema was born in 1912 in the context of a lovely Art Nouveau building, offering screenings of the first silent films of the era. Its story evolves until the end of the 90s when the cinema suffers from the competition of the most valued multiplexes and eventually accommodates  red light film until 2013 when it was finally closed by the judiciary. In 2014 thanks to Luigi Ardizzone, a businessman in the catering sector and services supply, the former cinema reopens as a restaurant-wine bar with an open kitchen. Needless to say, the local has been completely renovated while keeping the original style with the big screen, the outdoor area with an iron staircase that leads directly to the projection room and a gallery of about 160 seats. Just below the central screen a stage has been set  where alternating bands play live music ranging from  acoustic, ethnic, instrumental, jazz, blues, singer-songwriters and world music. The restaurant music Milan Cinema Theatre Trieste awaits you to spend  a memorable evening contact us to reserve your table.